Best Blogging Platform?

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Best Blogging Platform?.

Okay, my opinion on the best Blogging platform is and Both come from the Same WordPress family and both tops my list as the best Blogging platform their is. I used to have Blogger when I started blogging and when I realized that Blogger is not professional and that people who use Blogger are amateurs who are trying to get into blogger. I made the switch and moved on up to a more professional blog and a blogging platform that lets me take control of my blog. I Praise WordPress for it’s service and how WordPress is highly regarded as a professional blogging platform.  That’s why I don’t like Blogger because I learned that all the post that people make in Blogger is not owned by you and it’s owned by Google.

WordPress to me is one of the best blogging platforms their is and I Highly recommend WordPress to anyone over Blogger or Livejournal.  Both of which I regard as amateurs blogs and blogs for beginners. Even moving from Blogger to WordPress is very easy and Seamless. I like WordPress so much and I am one of those that I would Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get into blogging and start of on the right foot with a professional looking blog.

So if anyone out their is still using Blogger or LiveJournal. Take a look at and because WordPress is way better than Blogger and WordPress is very professional and highly regarded in the blogging community. I don’t even comment blogger because Blogger’s commenting system sucks and Blogger in it self is to beginners like.

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