Technology Review: Blogs: Guest Blog: Did Whites Flee the ‘Digital Ghetto’ of MySpace?

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Technology Review: Blogs: Guest Blog: Did Whites Flee the ‘Digital Ghetto’ of MySpace?.

In my Opinion, I think the reason why people fled Myspace was that people who were more educated and more professional migrated to Facebook because it was considered more professional to have a Facebook page. I think that education level and race are a factor why people moved to Facebook.  On the education level, I believe people moved and migrated to Facebook because people who were seen as more educated or going to college. Tend to gravitate and move towards Facebook. Those who weren’t educated well enough stayed with Myspace. The term digital ghetto is where you have a digital racial divide. Where one social network site is more dominate on one race. Such as the case where Myspace is dominated by Blacks and Latinos. Where as Facebook is dominated by Whites and Asians.

The article makes some interesting points where the writer says their is a digital ghetto in Myspace and their is White/Asian flight from Myspace. I have to agree on some points that their is a Digital ghetto in Myspace and that their is a White/Asian flight from Myspace. My theory is that it has to do with social standing, academic standing and professional standing. I think it’s because people and society see Facebook as more professional and Myspace as an inner city Digital ghetto thing. I also think that Facebook is much more cleaner than Myspace and that people who are more educated tend to flee Myspace for Facebook. I think it also has to do with the fact that if your a college age person in college, Facebook is the in thing and Myspace is more for those who are from the Inner city and less educated. I also think it has to do with the fact that professions view Facebook more than Myspace and that most professions view Myspace as childish or teeny places.

The way I look at like this, their is a Digital racial divide and a Digital ghetto in Myspace. I think their are more to the reason why Whites and Asians fled Myspace for Facebook, but more sociological research needs to be done in order to come up with a concrete reason. I think this would make a good sociology research paper/Thesis and I think this deserves some serious research to see why Whites and Asians flee Myspace and why Blacks & Latinos dominate Myspace.

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