Enrollment Increases Pose Huge Challenge To Community Colleges – Courant.com

Enrollment Increases Pose Huge Challenge To Community Colleges – Courant.com.

This is why I got out of Community colleges and transferred to Southern Connecticut state University. I knew the warning signs that this was going to happen and that the State’s community colleges are going to be filled to max capacity. On top of that If i stayed at the community college, I would still be a Freshman at a Part time level and not a Sophomore at the State Universities. I also think that if the state of Connecticut knew this was going to happen. They should have funded more space for community college. Heck, they could even buy the old empty store fronts and turn them to another community college campus. I even think that the state should at least offer more Online classes and hybrid classes where they meet in class and online as well.

The reason why everyone in America is going back to college and especially community college, is that the job market is in a recession and the economy is not looking good in America. People in America are laid off and out of work. So they head back to college to get trained on a new job and to get job skills that will make them marketable in the 21st century. That’s why Community colleges around the country are filled to max capacity and that it keeps going up year after year. I pretty much think that it goes up by 10% every semester.  That’s why you see people applying early, registering early and even taking classes year round including in the summer. I have even seen some take online classes either year round or in the summer time.

This is why I believe the states and federal government should should fund higher education if people are continuing to lose their jobs and  looking to go back to college to get trained for new skills and try to make themselves look good in the job market. I also think that states should look at funding more online classes and even look at buying old facilities and turning them into community college campuses or even higher education centers. The way I see it, If community college continue to fill up year and year. States are going to have to make a choice and figure out how to accommodate everyone to the community college.

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