New Theme: Coraline (via News)

I am testing and trying out this New WordPress theme called Coraline and from the Looks of it. It is so AWESOME, I like it so far, no complaints about it and this is why I am a HUGE fan of WordPress. If you all hadn’t tried WordPress, I would suggest you do because WordPress has more things than any blog platform their is. WordPress in my book beats Blogger hands down and WordPress is always on my recommend list to anyone who wants to get into blogging.

I very much like the Coraline theme and the folks at WordPress are the best. My older theme was okay to get me started and once I saw something like this, I liked it and it fits my blogging style. The Theme options are great and the Widget options are so cool. Even the header is very nice and you can change the header to fit your style, season and even holiday mood as well. I like the expanded widgets and I will be testing it to the fullest. It is very cool and frankly, I like.

New Theme: Coraline I'm really excited about today's new theme, Coraline. It's a familiar-looking theme packed with upgrades that will make your blog more customizable and more fun. As you might have guessed, this will be a replacement for the Cutline theme, which we’re phasing out. Since Coraline replaces Cutline this means we get to add some exciting new features … Read More

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