Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash – Yahoo! News

Liberal groups push to exploit Target backlash – Yahoo! News.

What a bunch of liberal nut-jobs. The problem with these liberal loonies is that a Company such as Target and Best Buy are exercising their first amendment right and are exercising their freedom of speech in supporting a PAC that supports their causes. The Libs are having a temper tantrum and whining like little crybabies over a company not supporting them. What libs don’t seem to understand is that everyone has the RIGHT to support who ever they want and what ever they want. Heck, Libs don’t even understand that Companies like Target and Best Busy can donate to any candidate they want.

What I find so stupid in these liberals is that they demand political correctness in everyone. They demand that we only support or contribute to companies that these liberal whack jobs think is okay. The problem with these liberals is that they don’t understand that people and companies have every right to support who ever they want. Heck, even companies have every right to contribute campaign money to any candidate they feel will help them.

What these liberals are doing, is acting like crybabies and whining over this. Heck if you don’t like Target or Best Busy supporting a candidate, then Libs should do the same thing, Support the other candidate and contribute to the other candidate. Liberals as I see it are nothing but socialist whack jobs and they need to get A LIFE.

This is why if the libs are going to boycott Target and Best Buy. Guess what I am going to support Target and Best Buy by shopping and doing business in Target and Best Buy.  My dollars are going to a company that Liberals are boycotting.

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