University Life again, Woohoo

Okay, It’s been a week since I’ve last blogged and that’s because I was busy getting ready to move back on Campus and move back to College. It was a busy time for me, packing what I needed for college and making sure that all my affairs where in order. So now that I’m here and on campus, I feel better and good that I’m back in the dorms and back on Campus again.

As far as doing youtube videos this semester, I am going to curtail that because I’m going to be very busy this semester and this whole academic year. I will not have any time to do any youtube videos, though I will have from  time to time to maybe make a quick video or even a live cast chat as I am doing my homework or studying for my exams and classes. I will be busy as well and I will make sure I find time to fit my social life on campus as well.

As for the issue of my issue with a  Youtube stalker, I’m simply going to Ignore him and pretend that he doesn’t exist. That is because he’s nothing to me and that He is simply being an asshole and an idiot. He’s jealous because I’m very opinionated about being born intersex and being born with an intersex condition. I won’t say his name, but I will say this, he’s uneducated and not the brightest on the planet. He has been stalking me ever since I made youtube videos and has been constantly harassing me. That’s why now, with college around the corner, I don’t have time to deal with this idiot youtube stalker and I’m simply going to Tune him out, Ignore the asshole and pretend like he isn’t their. That’s why I have a Life and He doesn’t. He’s just a hater and a jealous that I’m more smart and educated then he is. I know I will be around a lot longer than he is.

So anyway, I unpacked in my dorm and start working in student employment on campus cause you do need money to pay for all those books and supplies for school. Plus spending money to survive on campus. So now, that I’m working on campus, I’m getting ready for classes on Monday and  my goals are to boost my GPA from 2.0 to 2.5 this semester. Plan for Graduate schools such as to Graduate Nursing schools or Graduate Physician Assistant Schools. Study my ass off and make sure I pass all my classes and make sure my GPA is within 2.5 by the end of the semester and within 3.0 by the end of the year.

Well, I gotta run now, I’ll see ya later