College Meal plans

One thing I learned about living and working on campus is that meal plans affect alot of things and factor alot of things as well. Such in the case of me, where I work on campus in addition to going to college. So because I have somewhat a limited financial aid and I took a Work study, I can’t get a normal meal plan like everyone else. Even though I am working on campus and my first paycheck is not cut until next week. So I am stuck on a declining balance thing for the year.

See people don’t tell you things like this may affect your Financial aid for books and a meal plan and when you find out, your either scrambling to fix it or are in danger of  losing it. That’s why I think that somehow they didn’t tell people very clearly and I was one of those who was caught naked and didn’t know about it until I was told about it.

That’s why now, I am on the $300 declining balance thing and that I am now hoping and praying that I somehow have the money to survive until pay day and I can add money to my card and even go shopping for food just in case.

I just wish this country would do more for college students in terms of more financial aid for college, living expense on campus and making it easier for college students. That’s why now, I have to find ways to pay for college and may have to work in the summer to pay for the additional expenses of College including paying for a meal plan as well. I will have to start looking for college scholarships and grants as well. So that’s something I will be looking at this semester as well.