First week on Campus so far

So far for my first week of college classes, they are going really well and I am starting to get back into the routine of things. Though losing sleep is one of the things I am hoping to get back over the holiday. It’s been very good to be back on campus and away from the folks.  Their are a couple of issues I want to say about being in college, that I have seen such as co ed dorms and the social life.

One thing I have noticed about college is that some places they are coed by dorm or by floor. I think that idea and concept is old and ancient. For me, I don’t like the Idea of having Coed dorms by floor or by townhouse. That’s is because I think that it discriminates against those who don’t fit the gender stereotypes that society imposes. I also think they should be Coed by room or even where I am staying at Coed all the way such as men and women living in the same dorm room together and allowing any gender to room with the opposite gender. I just think that Colleges should allow anyone to room in the dorm regardless of gender.  The way i see it now, i sometimes feel like they are discriminating those who don’t fit the male or female gender stereotypes.

The other issue, I have to say is scheduling my classes. I think sometimes I should have schedule my classes later in the day and make sure that I have plenty of time for sleep. This semester I don’t have much time for sleep because my first class is at 8am in the morning. That’s why this semester I am losing some sleep and sometimes on the weekends I have to make up sleep. So I sometimes feel like I am sleep deprived on the weekends. That’s why I am always tired from work and classes.

On a personal note, I completed my summer writing project and I am now working on putting my book together. I should have it published by the end of September and I will let ya know what my book is.  This will be my second book I am working on and I am next month going to be starting my 3rd book and getting it published this coming summer.