A Taste of the Campus Greek life

Tonight on campus I had a very interesting evening. I got to see what a campus Greek life is about. I got to see what a fraternity and sorority is all about since coming from a Community College background, a fraternity and sorority is unheard of in Community Colleges and that Community colleges don’t have fraternity and sorority that 4 year universities such as Southern. So tonight I got invited by a friend on campus who is in a fraternity to see what fraternity and sorority life is like at Southern Connecticut State University.

It was interesting to say the least. I got to see different fraternity and sororities on campus and got to meet people. What I saw is like a tight knit social and academic groups on campus. What stood me out about Greek life and the fraternity and sorority on campus is that I have never seen one and coming from a Community college background, I never experienced Greek life or fraternity and sorority life as well. So this was all new to me as well and a cultural shock for me, because I never been in a fraternity or a sorority on a college campus.

One thing that stuck in the back of my mind  about Rushing into Greek life and with the fraternity and sorority, is that being born an intersex person where do I fit into Campus Greek life and the fraternity and sorority system. I was wondering and thinking about this while walking back to my dorm and wondered where dose and Intersex person like me fit into the Campus fraternity and sorority system. It’s something I am thinking about and wondering cause I have friends on campus who are in a fraternity and sorority and I wonder where do I fit in.