AT&T selling satellite-enabled smart phone – Yahoo! Finance

AT&T selling satellite-enabled smart phone – Yahoo! Finance.

If you think Apple Iphone 4G and IPAD is expensive now, then get a load of AT&T’s TerreStar Genus Satellite smart phone. For a price of AT&T’s TerreStar Genus satellite smart phone, I could buy a new Laptop or a NET BOOK instead. The asking price for the TerreStar Genus satellite smart phone is a jaw dropping $799. Here’s what they said;

The phone will cost $799 and requires regular AT&T voice and data service plans but no contract. It uses the AT&T network where it’s available. The option to be able to switch over to the satellite costs $25 extra per month, and then 65 cents per minute of calling.

Now here’s my question, who can afford this satellite smart phone and who in their right mind would buy it. I know the Iphone 4G and the IPAD are expensive toys as of right now. Getting the satellite smart phone would just be an overkill and would put the IPHONE 4G and IPAD to shame.