So called Greek life

Okay one thing I have to say about Greek life at Southern Connecticut State University is that they are to limiting and that the university dose not give options for students who want to join Greek.  They don’t give students options for Greek such as service fraternities. The only thing they have on campus is Social and Academic fraternities.Which is very limiting and that it is selling student out short.

As for me, I tried to Rush with several fraternities on campus here. I went to all their events on campus and off campus with them. I tried to sell myself to these fraternities and tried to make a good impression with them. It seems it wasn’t enough and that I never got a bid from any of the fraternities from Southern. I think the reason why I never got a bid, is because of my age being that I am older that most of the people in the fraternities. Even my hearing disability was something that may have put them off because I think they don’t like the idea of having a hearing disabled person in their fraternity.

So I was pissed that I didn’t get a bid to join a fraternity and it pissed me off. I know I wanted to join a Greek fraternity to social network and to make a name for myself. To be very social on campus and off campus. So now that I didn’t get a bid to join any fraternity at Southern Connecticut State University, I am thinking about starting my own fraternity and starting a service fraternity. I started looking to starting a service fraternity and looking at bringing a service fraternity to Southern Connecticut State university. It’s going to be one of my college projects to bring a service fraternity to Southern Connecticut State University.