Coed Service Fraternity campus project

One things I am trying to do here at southern is to bring a service fraternity to the campus and give people like me alternatives to the traditional fraternity system. I know a service fraternity is very strange to most people at Southern and that’s because they never heard of a Coed Service Fraternity/Sorority. The concept of a Coed service fraternity is very strange to people at Southern and that is because it’s very foreign to them and they have never heard nor seen what a Coed service fraternity. That’s why I am working on bringing in a Coed Service Fraternity to Southern.

The reason why I am working on bringing a Coed Service Fraternity to Southern is because the current social fraternities and sororities that Southern has, doesn’t even fit my style. They are very selective and that they weed out those who are not popular or well known. Even with the current sororities and fraternities that are on campus, they don’t admit people and they are not as open as a service coed fraternity.

The other reason why I am working on bringing a service fraternity to southern Connecticut state university is to give students like me and every other student who wants to be involve with the fraternity and sorority system but not be confined or rejected by the traditional fraternity system. Having a Coed Service Fraternity at Southern Connecticut State University would give students more like me and others options to get involve with the campus community and the campus Greek system as well. It would also give students more options to Greek life and give them a chance to have a Greek life.

That’s why I believe that a campus community should be inclusive, open to everyone on campus, welcoming and above all making sure everyone contributes their equally fair share and that everyone takes an active equal role. The problem I see with the current clubs and organizations on campus. Is that it becomes more of an Eboard vs club members and that Eboard members doing more things than club members. Eboards are not being inclusive, open and making sure that members contribute and Equally take an active role in their clubs and organizations. It becomes more of if your an Eboard member of a club, your more popular than your average club member. It becomes an elitist mentality on campus and that’s what I see on campus here. People acting elitist towards people.

So that’s why with the traditional social clubs and the traditional fraternity and sorority system on campus. I was not happy with the current system and that their was no alternative club or Greek system where everyone can participate and everyone get’s involve in a project regardless of wither they are a Eboard member or a club member. Where everyone can lead a service project and everyone can take turns leading one.