What is wrong with people these days

What is wrong to with people these days. People bullying people as if it’s a blood sport to them. It’s becoming an epidemic here online and in society as a whole. Where you have people who are committing suicide over being bullied by other people or groups. People in society have lost their moral compass, their soul, dignity and their Ethics. People in America and online have lost their common sense, civility and their common respect for one another. Respect online and in society doesn’t mean crap anymore to people. People bullying people over everything under the sun including those who are Gay, their nationality, differences and just who they are. The people who bully other people should be ashamed of themselves and in my opinion, bullying, should be treated as a crime and bully’s should be charged with the very least Assault and battery.

We have an epidemic of people being killed in society at the hands of bullys and the most recent one is in Ohio and the other at Rutgers University. What’s wrong with this is that people are letting bullys get away with murder. People have lost their soul and human dignity and in America we need to change that. We need to get tough on bullys and take a stand that we as Americans will not Tolerate or condone people bullying people.

What we have here is people bullying other people for sport. It’s becoming a blood sport to them and to them, they don’t see the harm it comes to bullying, until someone get’s hurt, killed or wind up in prison. What we have here is parents failing to teach their children and parents of bully’s not taking responsibility for their kids actions. That alone constitutes parental neglect because parents are not being held accountable and responsible for their kids actions.

What we as a society online and in society need to do is to take a tougher stance on bullying. We need to get tough on bullies and I am calling for shaming bullies and calling for accountability in society. I’m calling for tougher laws on bully’s and calling for accountability and responsibility.  American society has become too narcissistic and more of me, me, me mentality than common sense. Common sense in America doesn’t exist anymore and people have lost what it means to have common sense. I also believe that their needs to be a war on bullies and that we need to how we treat people as human beings in society.