I hate being called sir

One of my pet peeves that I have is when someone called me sir. I hate the idea of someone calling me sir because one I don’t see myself a sir and the other is that I don’t sit behind a desk for a living. See, I don’t see myself as being a Sir because I don’t wear any bars or any officer insignia. It irks the back of my mind when someone calls me sir and it startles me.

So today, when I was waiting to see my advisor on campus. Some teacher had the galls to call me Sir when I don’t sit behind the desk have officer insignia. This teacher was asking me for what day it was today and called me Sir. It was very shocking and to the least startled me because I don’t like the idea of being call Sir unless I am sitting behind a desk or I am an officer.  It just bothered me when people call me sir because I see the word sir as a male stereotype and the fact that I am one of those who don’t like the idea of being called sir.