The epidemic of social bullying

One thing I despise the most is bullying and intimidation. I sorely hate it it when someone bullies me and tries to intimidate me. It irks me, it irritates me and sometimes it pisses me off. I have been a victim of bullying and intimidation when I was a teenager. It’s something I don’t take very lightly. I learned that I don’t take bullying or intimidation that easy and I’m one of those who get’s very pissed if someone tries to bully or intimidate me.

When someone tries to bully me or try to intimidate me.  I am one of those who give them my worse attitude. The reason for this is because I’ve been bullied in the past and I learned that when someone bullies me, I don’t take it lightly. I fight back and fight back hard. I have done it when I was a teenager and I learned not to be bullied by anyone anymore.

That’s why I think Bullying is an epidemic in society  right now. I’m seeing people bullying people and intimidating people. Even where I go to College, I am seeing some form of bullying and intimidating amongst college students. I have seen some who have used their positions to bully and intimidate other people. It’s becoming an epidemic and people have no respect for anyone any more. It’s becoming more of the me, me, me mentality where it’s everyone for themselves and not thinking of other people.

The problem i see, is that bully’s have no respect for people and they don’t respect other people. They think they are entailed to everything and they think they can rule over anyone. In reality, bullies are very weak and very much insecure of themselves. They feel the need to feel far superior than others. Even some try to use their position of power to bully and intimidate people. Which i have seen at Southern and I have seen elsewhere.

Which is why I can understand why people who were bullied who took their own life because someone bullied them. I think society needs to get tough on bullies and need to declare War on Bullying. Society needs to stand up and say, were not going to take bullying anymore. They need to crack down on bullies and make not only bullying a criminal offense, make them liable and responsible for their actions. Bullying has psychological, physical and emotional affects and those affects can linger for a long, long time on those who were bullied.