Fall semester so far……………..

College so far this semester is going well and ok. Though their are a few bumps in the road, such as rejections from people and people bitching at me and pissing on me. This fall semester it seems to me that people either rubbed me the wrong way or that people are pissing me off the wrong way. It seems that to me someone got me on my raw side and that as a result made me feel like someone pissed me off.

This is why my first half of the semester felt like I’ve been pushed aside and that people have treated me raw and pissed me off. It felt like I was not wanted nor welcomed and that pissed me off big time. Even at times during this semester, I have felt like people treated me raw. It depresses me from time to time.The worse thing I see is being disrespected and that really pissed me off on campus. When someone disrespects me in anyway, it pisses me off and makes me feel mad.

Which is why this fall semester has been rough on me, cause people have treated me raw, pissed on me and even at some point treated me like I wasn’t with them. Even disrespected me as a person and a human being. Which I saw a lot on campus when people disrespected me and not treated me with respect and dignity as a person.

So this is why the first part of the fall semester was rough on me emotionally, physically and mentally. Which resulted in being pissed off and feeling down and out. All because some people pissed me off, disrespected me and treated me very raw. I hope to improve my outlook in the last half of the semester and improve it in the spring semester as well.