College campus bullying

Bullying, dose it happen, yes it does. Is it just kids, no, it’s everyone and everywhere in society. It’s not only gay kids get picked on and bullied. It’s everyone and I for one am a victim of bullying on campus at Southern Connecticut State University. I have seen bullying happen here and I have even been the target of on campus bullying. Dose anyone do anything about it, I doubt it and they mostly turn a blind eye away from it.

I have seen bullying happen on the campus of Southern Connecticut state university and have seen those who are in a position of power abuse and bully people on campus. It has happened, I have seen it and it has happened to me. I have seen people who are RA’s or in any power status, bully people and intimidate people. It frankly a case of abuse of position and people abusing their position to bully people. I have seen RA’s abuse their position to bully people and get away with things that the school dose not look at.

Even in my case, I have seen Ra’s on North campus bully, intimidate and make people’s lives very hard to deal with on campus. Just in one instance, I have seen RA’s bully staff members in not using computers and as a result they in turn get to use computers on the job, while other staff members don’t. It’s a case of bullying and favoritism on campus and I am seeing that first hand. I also see that people on campus are no respecting everyone and not treating people like Adults. Even for me, as someone who’s hearing impaired, and someone who is older than them. Being treated like a kid is wrong and it is disrespecting of me.

So has bullying exist, yes it dose. Dose it happen often, you sure bet it dose and I know it happens so often that people don’t stop or intervene on it. I see it as a case of favoritism and elitism on campus. It has and is happening at Southern Connecticut State University and I’ve seen it happen in North campus as well.