Sneak peak into my next book

After working on my latest book, which was a poetry booked called “My world through my Eyes“. I am starting to plan my next book which will be a short story essay type book. I’m looking at doing an essay type book that will have short stories that can range from one extreme to another.  In my latest book, it gave everyone a peak at how kinky and how extreme I can be in my writings.

Now in my next book, It will take you to the extreme edge and back. It will take you out of your comfort zone and make you think could it be possible and could it ever happen. It will make you think of all the things that can be humanly possible. It will make you wonder, did it really happen.

That’s why my next book, I will start working at the end of the semester and start working on it in the Spring semester. I hope to have it published by next fall and have it out for all to see. So by the time I graduate college, I should be one of the few known college students who publish a book and be an accomplished writer. Now how many people can say they publish a book these days.