I do not Tolerate cyberbullying and cyberstalking

Just to let everyone know online and to those who read my blog. I have a Cyberstalker who has been harassing me and making harassing youtube videos, comments and trying to run me off the Internet. I am not going to name this so called cyberstalker, but needless to say. This cyberstalker comes from New Zealand and has been harassing, bullying and stalking me on the Internet.  He is harassing me from Youtube and has been making countless videos to harass, intimidate, stalk and bully me.  What I have been dealing with is someone who doesn’t like other people’s opinions and as a result, this cyberstalker from New Zealand decides to harass me instead of being an adult and respecting other people’s opinions. I have been dealing with this issue and that this so called cyberstalker from New Zealand won’t shut up and quit.

For me, I do not tolerate any cyberstalking, cyberharassing and cyberbullying and for what this one person from New Zealand is doing to me. I do not tolerate it nor do I like it. I find his actions to be very offensive, very rude and pretty much very child like.  I am condemning his actions and I believe what he is doing is wrong and I do believe it is criminal in the United states of America. I take Cyberstalking, Cyberharassing and cyberbullying seriously and those are things I do not tolerate on my blog nor on the Internet. I do not tolerate anyone regardless of where they are from who cyberstalk, cyber harass and cyber bully people.

This is why I do not tolerate people who cyberstalk me and for that that cyberstalker from New Zealand is doing, is very wrong, immoral and downright criminal. I hope that if anyone is reading this, can tell me how to deal with cyberstalkers and cyberbullies like the one I am dealing with from New Zealand and I hope they have a way of dealing with him and reporting him. Frankly, I am tried of all the harassment, stalking, and bullying that is going online and I am sick of all the cyberstalking that this cyberstalker from New Zealand is doing. I will not tolerate any cybyberstalking and cyberbullying and if anyone is doing it, STOP IT RIGHT NOW before you wreck someone.

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