My bad laptop

Photo of a Dell XPS M140 Laptop.
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Just to let ya know, I got my laptop back yesterday. It worked out fine until this morning when I tried to turn it on. It started out normally and then all the sudden gave out and gave me a dim screen on my HP G60-235 DX laptop. I had this HP laptop since 2009. It worked fine until last week when the screen went dim. I took it to the repair shop to have the inverter replaced, but when I got it back. It was working fine yesterday until today when the inverter and the screen went dead on me.

I have tried to fix it and find solutions online to my Laptops problems. I think it has to do with the LCD screen, the inverter or that BestBuy sold me a defective and problem prone Laptop.  I have been hearing online about complaints about HP and the HP g60-235DX laptop.  So I am left wondering what is wrong with my laptop and how I can get it fixed. Either by replacing the screen or  the inverter or in the worse case go and get a replacement laptop and leave the HP at home.

If I do need to get another laptop, I need recommendations on a good Laptop and a Laptop that will not give me any problems. I have tried Acer and HP and I know people are telling me to go with a Apple Mac or ASUS. So I am wondering what is a good laptop that can last while I am in college and put up with the College environment. Also what complaints have anyone had and heard with HP and HP G60-235DX laptop.