The relevance of Fraternities and sororities in the 21st century

Here’s a question I want to ask and pose to everyone.  With the advent of social media out their such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter,foursquare and others. Do Fraternities and sororities hold an relevance in the face of social media. Are they relevant in the 21st century. Have social media become the new form of fraternities and sororities. Have they become an archaic relic of the 19th and 20th century.

I ponder this because in light of the fact that social media has become the new form of social fraternities and sororities. I wonder are they relevant or are they becoming irrelevant in the age of social media. Are they becoming a relic of a bygone era of social clubs and has social media taken over as a new way of having fraternities and sororities.

Let me know what do you all think and give me your insights and opinions on the relevance of fraternities and sororities in the 21st century.