Bring it on 2011

Since new years has passed and were well under way with 2011, I think all I have to say is BRING IT ON 2011. I’m ready for 2011 and for all the things that are out their.  New changes and new things ahead of me. I got plans for things and a lot of things to do.  I’m hoping that 2011 will be my best years ever and my most exciting year ever.

I am looking forward to working on my next book and hope to have it out by this fall semester. My next book will be a short story book containing fiction and sometimes stories from what I written in my literature class.  I’m taking a shot at short story publishing and writing short stories. I have done poetry and now it’s time to branch out.

Now with my college plans, I hope to be a junior by the end of the year and start looking at applying to Physician Assistant schools and plan on taking the MCATS or GRE exams. I plan on staying in College all year round including doing some summer school classes as well. Even from time to time work and get money for college. To pay for those expensive textbooks. As far as trying to be social on campus, that’s if I have the time and commitment for them. The same goes for trying to join a fraternity, If can at Southern, okay. If I can’t, I can wait until I go to Graduate Physician Assistant school. That depends how much time and if I am still interested.

As far as for my personal life, I do plan to make time for myself and I plan this year to spend time for myself and at least give myself a vacation away from my family. I also plan to get back into Fishing, Mt Biking and hiking up to the mountains where I live. Even spend time with my brothers

At least with 2011, I hope to be doing alot and hope to be more active and at least have a normal life and enjoy it as much as possible. As far as for my work with the US Coast Guard, I am always going to be busy and active with them.