My Hometown where I grew up

I grew up In New Britain, Ct. Which is South of Hartford. It’s a mix city where you have the inner city and the suburbs. You have pockets of housing projects mixed in with suburban living and middle class living. New Britain is in part home to Stanley Tools and it’s nickname, the Hardware City. Although some people who live and grew up in New Britain like to say it’s “The Hard Hitting New Britain”. That’s because when people fight in New Britain, they fight hard, nasty and sometimes dirty.

New Britain had a mix population of the working class to the poor. I grew up in the mean neighborhoods of the Housing project named pinnacle heights. That’s where I learned my street sense and learned about the world around me. I went to the New Britain School System including the largest High school in the State of Connecticut. Which is New Britain High school and it was considered the roughest and toughest High school in my State.

I lived in New Britain for over 33 yrs and then move to the suburbs of Connecticut. That’s because, you wanted to upgrade your standard of living and that the city wasn’t going nowhere. Their was no job growth and no new companies moving in. That was because of the high taxes and that companies were not going to relocate to a high tax city. Even the population has changed and that New Britain started to get more minorities. So now, I don’t live in New Britain anymore, but I still go by and see the city cause I still have friends that I see and hang out with.

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