Women in Combat

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Their has been alot of heated debate on the internet about whether women should be allowed in the combat Arms branch. The same can be said about gays in the military as well. Their have been alot of back and forth talk and sometimes very heated and bigoted comments about whether or not women should be allowed to serve in Combat arms Branch of the US Military. To some that think women shouldn’t serve in front line combat.  Are using the old theories and old assumptions of woman’s role in in Combat. To others, it gives women a chance to share in the sacrifice with men and a chance to contribute equally a with men. For me, my personal belief is that men and women should be treated as equals and that women should be allowed to share the same sacrifice with the men and should be given the right to serve in the Us military’s combat arms branch.

Now some people out their who think that women can’t serve in Combat because of physical differences or that they are biologically different. That some believe that women can’t hack it in Combat or they think they can’t make it in a combat branch. Some even use outdated and old data to justify their ban on women in combat. In spite of the fact that warfare has changed and that the way we fight has changed as well.

The one thing I think they can’t explain is why are some countries like Israel and the Israeli Defense forces are allowing women to serve in front line combat. They can’t seem to explain why is it that a country like Israel who is on a constant war time footing can easily allow women to serve in combat and easily integrate gays in the military. While a country like the United states has a problem with allowing Gays in the military and allowing women in Combat arms branch.

I firmly believe that the United states has a sexist attitude about the role of women in the military and women in combat. The United states is afraid to look at other country’s such as Israel and the Israeli defense forces on how they sucessfully integrated gays and women in the military and it became a non issue to them. The issues I see with the United states military is the sexist attitude about women’s roles in the military. They are not allowing women equal  opportunities and sharing the same sacrifices in war with the men.

Now with other countries such as, Israel and the Israeli Defense forces have been very successful at integrating gay’s in the Military and allowing women in the IDF to the same jobs as men such as ground combat. You even have a unit in the IDF called the Caracal Battalion that is mix gender of men and women. They serve in the Southern Command near the Egyptian Israel border. Even in the IDF, where they have women in all branches of the IDF and in all areas as well. What set’s the IDF apart from the US military is that the IDF has more combat experience than the US military and that the IDF can integrate people into the military all while facing down enemies that would want them wiped out.

In my opinion, I think that the US military should allow women to serve in combat arms branches as long as women can meet the physical and mental requirements for the job. Women in the US should have equal rights and the right to share the same sacrifice as men in Combat. Their should never be any barriers for women and if the Israel and Israeli Defense forces can show that integrating gays and allowing  women in all branches of the IDF. Then it shouldn’t be a non issue for the US military as well.