Pride of a Soldier

Pride of a Soldier

I saw this Article in the IDF website and It clearly shows that the IDF has no problems with allowing gays in the Military. It’s basically a non issue for them and it clearly should as serve a template for the US Military as well. The fact that this article that was written about a NCO by the name of Andrei Rubin in the IDF’s Home Front command. What I read in this article that the Andrei Rubin has not had any problems with being Gay in the IDF. He wanted to go in a Combat unit and had all the right credentials for the combat unit.

I personally think that experience like Andrei Rubin of the IDF’s Home Front command shows that the IDF can integrate Gays in the Military and become a non issue to them. It shows how a gay man who came out in the IDF and was very well accepted by his peers and his fellow soldiers in the IDF and his unit. If more people read about Andrei Rubin’s experience. They would be able to understand that Gays in the Military is clearly a non issue for Israel.