First week on campus

First week on campus and things are getting back to normal here. I’m glad to be back on campus and in my dorm. Back to the same old routine and not being bored at home. Even though home is very good because of the food and at least catching up on Sleep. Which is a prized thing to have on campus. This semester is more on maintaining on my GPA and getting ready to start my biology major this summer. Which means  I have to study hard and focus on getting ready for all those biology classes for Physician Assistant school.

Also for social wise, I am going to try and join a campus club or a campus group. Maybe even take a shot at a Fraternity, even though I don’t hold out any hope of ever joining a fraternity on campus. Though I do hope by the time I finish PA school, that I am in a Fraternity. As far as being social on campus, that will all depends on how much time I have between work and school. Knowing that School will come first.

As far as for Summer, I’m still working out the kinks as to what I want to do, but I will know by the time finals come around. I know have have several options, I am working on, but at the moment, they are still up in the air and things can change as well. So it will depend on how much time I have and what my economic situation will be.

As far as my first week, it was all about getting the routine of college. More like adjusting to waking up early and adjusting to the routines of College. Even getting my textbooks, which I should have them all by the end of the week will be very good. That means, I would be ready and prepared for all the homework.

So anyway, my first week is going ok and I’m slowly getting back into the  routine of College, homework and work. Also my Sleep may suffer somewhat, but It is going to be well managed and I will be able to stay awake in class.