My Brothers

I have two brothers in my family. Both are named Jerry and Jesse. Both of them did their time in the Us Military. So our brothers are like military family. Everyone serves in the military in some capacity or form.

One served in the US Navy in the Submarine service with the USS Chicago and the other one did time in the US Coast Guard and is now in the Connecticut Army National Guard. Both served in the US Military and both have traveled around the world. What’s unique with my brothers of all the brothers in my family, Jesse is one of the smartest. He not only has a submarine drivers license and served on Submarines as well. He also has a pilots license as well and has taken me up flying. With Jerry, he’s done a lot and he started with the US Coast Guard and now works with the Connecticut Army National Guard and has been deployed to Iraq.

In my family, were like the 3 musketeers. We sometimes fight with each other and sometimes get along with each other. In my family, the smart one always wins the fight. With me being first born, and Jesse being the youngest, It’s also the youngest who’s the smartest and the middle who slides by and not being seen or heard.

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