Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter

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As you can tell, their is a huge decline of blogs in the younger generation and that the younger generation are moving away from blogging to sites like Facebook and Twitter. Today the New York Times wrote an article called  Blogs Wane as young drift to sites like Twitter.  You can really tell, the younger generation who are more in tune with Facebook and twitter vs blogging. The age gap is right their to show that those between 34 and 45 tend to blog, though you still see some who use a combination of Blog, Facebook and Twitter. Where as the Younger generation still Facebook and Twitter as well.

I still believe the reason why Blogs are losing their allure is that much like Myspace which is losing it’s appeal within the Younger generation. Blogs are losing their allure and their appeal to the more instant feedback younger generation. Blogs are losing their appeal because it’s not like instantaneous like Facebook and Twitter. Their are sites like Blogger and live journal are losing their appeal and allure to the younger generation where as sites like Tumblr gaining younger generation because Tumblr has made blogging easy and has blurred the lines of what is blogging. Where as services such as WordPress has avoided the decline and that is because WordPress is for serious intermediate to advance bloggers and writers. I agree with what WordPress has said in the NYTimes article. WordPress is not for amateur bloggers, it’s for serious writers and serious bloggers.

What this article has shown that blogs have hit their peak and they are either flattening out or starting their decline in the younger generation and being replaced with Facebook and Twitter. Where as those in their 30’s to mid 40’s are still using blogs or a combination of Blogs, Twitter and Facebook as well. I believe that the Internet is adapting very quickly to the needs of the Younger generation and it is showing that Facebook and Twitter is here to stay. That’s why you see business and everyone adapting to the Facebook and Twitter generation.