My Real Age vs. the Age I Feel

At my age being that I’m 34 yr’s old I always feel like I am younger than my age. Really, that’s because, people are shocked at how old I really and and tell me how old i really look like. For a 34 yr old like me, I am told that I look like in my early 20’s such as women sometimes tell me I look like a 22 yr old instead of a 34 yr old. It shocks people that I can look so young for my age and even look ten years younger than my age.

It’s just one of those things I am lucky to be born with and lucky to have. Though most women that do tell me how young I look, I think, sometimes they are jealous that I can get away with looking younger than my age. I mean most women I know of have to try hard to look young, but for me, I’m lucky to be born with that gift and that ability. Though the big shocker for everyone is when I reach 35 yrs old and let’s see how younger looking I look then. Even more when I’m 40 and I’m looking like my mid 20’s.

So yes, I do feel like I’m younger than my age and I can show it and people can physically see it in me. It even shocks them when I tell them how old I really am and I feel I am lucky to be born with this gift and ability to look younger than your age.

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One thought on “My Real Age vs. the Age I Feel

  1. You are only as old as you act and feel, and in your case look. Age is arbritary, and in reality means nothing. I am 31 and I still get my yearly tattoo which I have been told is “not” acting my age.

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