TSA Sexual abuse of a 6 yr old

Folks, I saw this on CNN today about how the TSA pats down of all people a 6 yr old girl. It is wrong, and frankly, it is down right abusive and most of all stupid for the TSA to pat down 6 yr old kids. What is wrong with the TSA these days. It seems to me that the TSA is run by incompetent and mismanaged idiots and frankly, the TSA is a Security JOKE. What I saw in the Video amounts to almost child abuse and I’m not surprise that State child welfare services isn’t screaming  mad over this. This to me is why the TSA needs to be cut and completely scrapped. We need to simply scrap the TSA system and go with the Airport security system the Israeli‘s have. What we have is nothing more than theater security and a charade to show how big.

Folks, If I were Congress and Mr Obama, I would completely scrap and abolish the TSA. I would replace the TSA with the Israeli style Airport security system. What we have in America, is a JOKE and Frankly it’s a waste of taxpayers time and Money. I wonder what monetary value are we getting out of the TSA and is it worth funding and keeping the TSA. Why am I paying for this kind of crap and not getting good Airport security that you would normally see in Europe. Shouldn’t we be demanding our congress to get rid of the TSA and replace the TSA with the Israeli Airport security system.

Here’s the Video and you decide folks;