My Biggest Challenge Right Now

One of the biggest challenges I face is trying to be social and trying to be very sociable around people. I’m mostly a reclusive and somewhat shy people. I stay mostly with myself and mostly with my own kind. That’s because I’m comfortable with myself and my own kind. I rarely stray away from my comfort zone and I stay mostly with myself and within my comfort zone. That’s why in real life, I have very few friends as oppose to those in my social media circles, where I have more friends. I tend to stay by myself and do things by myself with no one. That’s how I’ve been since my preteen days. I’ve stayed reclusive, alone and it hasn’t even bother me because I tend to stay by myself or with my own kind.

What I try to do to overcome being alone and reclusive is try to be very sociable and be more open to meeting new people. Even though for my age, it get’s difficult and very hard because trying to find friends in your age group is a hard thing to do. I try to get out, join groups or clubs, but i seem to find that I don’t fit into either one of them. Even that i find that I am not comfortable with them. So that’s why my biggest challenge for me is trying to be social and trying to get out of my reclusive, quiet side.

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