Orgasmic ride

One of my First poems I wrote, to test the bounds of myself and see what kind of imagination I have as a poetic writer.

Orgasmic ride
Sometimes a ride is just a ride, but when you feel it you really feel it.
When I need it, it’s always their
A drug, that I can take and that’s always ready for me.
It’s a drug like no other and it feels me up.
And when I feel it, it’s like a high that can never be understood.

When I feel the need, I feel the need.
The need to loosen all that hold me down and tie me to myself
to let go all that burns me and all that covers me
looking over my flesh as it glows with every thought of that magical ride.
Caressing with the lightest of touch, that send quivers up my spine.

Tracing lightly to every curve and every corner of myself
reaching to that spot, that ignites me on fire
the first touch sends me purring with delight
the taste of it sends my mind racing faster than my heart

quickening my breathing with every stroke and every touch
going deeper and deeper to the point that I never come back
going faster and faster as my mind tries to catch up with my heart
feeling more of myself going faster than I can feel myself

Then suddenly, it hits me with a roar
breathing so fast that I catch my self falling back
shaking and shivering myself as
Wave, upon wave after wave, surging through my body

And then I feel it, the huge Wave crashing into me
gushing out all of myself out of me
and sighing with a euphoric high
that feels me up and all around

At that point, I feel limp, euphoric and over the edge
where my ride has taken me to place that
driven myself to the point and back
feeling as if I had lifted all that weighed off me
and feeling as if was made a new self.