Happy Birthday Nick

It’s My Birthday and I’m Now 35 yrs old and I don’t look forward to being 40 in 5 years. That scares me because I am 5 yrs away from being 40 and not looking my age.  I don’t even look  younger than my Age and frankly, Age is subjective and a state of mind. I right now, just looking forward to my day and a day of just trying to be me despite the odometer turning a year older for me. The one thing for me is is that I share the same birthday with Janet Jackson, Tori Spelling and Megan Fox. How cool is that to have famous actresses to have the same birthday as I do. So as today being my Birthday, I just want to say, I don’t look my age and I frankly see age as nothing but a Number and I do not have any Grey hairs on me yet.