Summer, bring it on

Summer’s here and that means the end of college classes and time to relax and hang out for some fun. That means I have time to be myself and be me for the summer. It’s time to reinvent myself for the fall semester and at least enjoy myself for the summer.  It also means No more classes, books, test and exams. It’s time for me to just sit back and have fun, sorta.

Summer for me, means that I am working for the first half and then the last half, I am back to the campus in August for Summer school classes. I do plan to take a Summer school class at least to keep up with my GPA and start preparing for the fall semester. I know I will be working this summer as well and where I am going to be working at, I’m not telling. All I can say is that I am going to have fun this summer and be working vacation. At least part of my summer will be spent on the great outdoors and the last part will be at Summer school and working on my classes.

So yes, I am going to be busy this summer and hope to have a great summer. It’s my time to be me and my time to have Fun.