EMT Recert class

Went to my EMT Recet class today and I had to do my state mandated 24 hour recert class every three years to maintain my EMT-Basic card. I have been an EMT since 1998 and I have lasted that long. So my next EMT license is good for another 3 years after this recert class.

I am due to upgrade my EMT card from being an EMT-Basic to an EMT-Intermediate. Which would me that as an EMT-Intermediate, I can do more than as a Basic. Such as Starting IV lines and working more closely with the medics. I know I wanted to move up as an EMT Intermediate, but i was not able to do any of the drug calculations. Though now, I believe the time is right for me to consider going back to EMS school and get my EMT Intermediate. I think with my time as an EMT-Basic, I know enough to go for my EMT-Intermediate. Though I believe that with being an EMT-Intermediate, I have to maintain a number of sticks that I need to do, so that means I have affiliate with a volunteer rescue squad or a volunteer Fire dept to maintain my card.

So it is something I am thinking about and that is something I am going to have to think about over the summer. I know being an EMT-Intermediate will help me alot when I go to either graduate Nursing school or Physician Assistant school because having the skill and knowledge of starting an IV line and learning to administer drugs will help in those graduate schools. So I am consider taking an EMT-Intermediate class in the near future.