On Blogging

I blog as well and I read other blog’s such as the unofficial CGBlog, Combat fleets of the world blog and Christiaan Conover’s blog. With my own blog, I blog every now and then. It largely depends on what I have to say, what’s on my mind and what’s happening in the news that I want to comment. I have been blogging for at least 10 yrs now and I can pretty much say I am an advance blogger. I started out blogging with Blogger and then moved on up to a more advance blogging platform such as WordPress. I see blogging as more as a new, information and commentary platform and I like to blog a lot of things that are on my mind as well. Even with my personal blog, I every now and then showcase my latest poems that are going to be on my book. So yes, I do blog alot and I do read other’ bloggers blogs.

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