25 Things you never knew about Nicky

A lot of people want to know who is Nicky and what Nicky is all about. Well folks, I am going to give you the real deal and let ya know who Nick is.

  1. I’m originally from Laos. Was born on a refugee Camp in Thailand during the waning days of the Vietnam war.
  2. I am an Asian American Laotian American and damn proud of it

  3. I am 39 yrs old, though I do not look like a 35 yr old and a lot of women get shocked when they find out how old I am and how young looking I am.

  4. I am a college Student and I am working on becoming a Physician’s Assistant or Nurse Practitioner.

  5. I am a Firefighter/EMT. I have been a Firefighter since 2000 and an EMT Since 1998, though at the moment, I’m not practicing and I’m looking at getting back at practicing my craft.

  6. I am a member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary and have been with them since 2005.

  7. I am deaf in my Right ear and have been deaf in my right ear since birth

  8. I’m an intersex person and I am born with Kallmann’s syndrome for which I am neither male or female.

  9. I am a poetry writer and to date I have written two books and working on a 3rd book.

  10. My original name in Laos is Nilavong Chaleunphone. It’s a Laotian Girls name that my folks gave to me when I was born. That’s cause when I was born, they thought I looked like a baby girl. Though I use that name now as my pen name for my books.

  11. I do like Coffee and my Favorite is Dunkin Donuts Coffee

  12. I am a New York Yankees Fan

13.I like Steak, Asian, and even my Favorite comfort food which is Asian Rice Soup.

  1. My Favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip
  • I always hate Math because Numbers sometimes scare me and I never got the hang of Math.

  • I like to write and whether it’s writing poems for my book or for my blogs.

  • Relationship wise, I am single and I have had one girlfriend in the past and had the relationship for one year.

  • My Full Legal Name is Nick (Nilavong) Khamhou Dethoudom Chaleunphone

  • My political affiliation is Independent

  • I am a Theravada Buddhist.

  • I have two brothers, they are Jerry and Jesse. Both of which are serving in the US Military and one is an Iraq War Vet.

  • 23.I’m very opinionated and Do tell things like it is. I call it, how I see it person.

    24.I am very fierce, independent and very much have my own streak.

    1. I do like to go Fishing, Mt Biking and even swim

    So any more , just ask me and if your nice enough I’ll tell more