Connecticut SalesTax Increases Start July 1

Connecticut SalesTax Increases Start July 1 –

Thank you the State of Connecticut for making Connecticut very expensive to live in, work, doing business and for taxing the Middle class right out of Connecticut. Their goes the Jobs and the businesses that were planing on staying on Connecticut. You have now given young working professionals and people a reason why they should not stay in Connecticut. With Sales tax of 6.35%, that will surely send people out of state and relocating to tax friendly, business friendly and young professional friendly states. You wonder why, who will be left in the state, those who Vote democrat and those who work minimal wage and on Welfare.

Makes you wonder why young people who come to Connecticut for education, but don’t want to stay after College. Make you wonder why Jobs in Connecticut are hard to find where as in the south and Midwest, Jobs are plenty and taxes are low. Connecticut Democrats seem to be on this tax and spend spree and gouging the Middle class of Connecticut to the bone. No wonder why the Middle class in Connecticut is an endangered species here. Who would want to live in a state that taxes you to death. You have to wonder why Business don’t want to set up shop in Connecticut and why they want to move out. The result is that you have an extremely high unemployment in Connecticut that is at 9.1% right now.

Make you wonder why I am still staying here and why I should have jumped ship to states that have less taxes and more jobs. Maybe that’s something I am considering when I go to Graduate school or transfer to a university where the taxes are cheaper and the cost of living is less.