Connecticut taxing the hell out of people

With the State of Connecticut enacting new taxes, it seems to me that this state is trying to run people out of Connecticut and making Connecticut very unwelcoming for Young professionals and businesses.  The taxes they raised today are making life harder for people to survive and live with. With the bad economy in this country right now, raising taxes is not going to help people in this Country or in the State OF Connecticut. It’s going to have an opposite effect in which people are going to uproot and move to states that are Tax friendly and are open for business.

The one thing about Connecticut, is that it’s becoming one of the most expensive states to live in, find work and even survive in. It’s made more expensive now because of the Tax and spend Democrats and taxing people right to the Bone. The Democrats in Connecticut have taxed the Middle class and the Working Class  right out of the state and leaving those who are on Welfare and social services. It just seems that in this tight economy that America is in, You have democrats who want to tax the Middle class right out of existence and and spend our tax dollars on needless and unnecessary projects.

Even for Young professionals and college Students like myself, who are contemplating on leaving Connecticut after college. Going to states that are tax friendly and are open to Business. The problem in Connecticut, is  that Taxes are so high, business don’t want to open shop in Connecticut and hire Connecticut Workers. That’s why you have Young working professionals and College graduates who graduate from Connecticut colleges and Leave the state for better places. It makes you wonder why people don’t want to spend their lives in Connecticut when it cost too much to live in the State.

The cost of living in Connecticut is So high that it’s not even funny anymore. It cost so much to live in Connecticut that other States like North Carolina or Georgia or even Texas are less expensive than Connecticut. That’s why you see alot of people trying to jump ship from Connecticut and jump to States that cost less to live in.

It’s why today, with the new hike in taxes in Connecticut, I don’t think this state can remain competitive for business and for Young people. I don’t think that Connecticut  will be able to recover with the Tax and Spend Democrats who are running the State. What Connecticut is doing is running people out of Connecticut and even making the middle class move to states that cost less to live in. Connecticut is taxing people so much that business will have no choice but to move and relocate to business friendly states. Which in the results, high unemployment for the State and people moving out to states that are Tax friendly and business friendly. Basically, Connecticut is screwing the heck out of the Middle class and driving people away from Connecticut