Things People Are Surprised to Learn About Me

One of the surprising things that people learn about me is my age and how young looking I am. For a 35 yr old, I look more like a 22 or 23 yr old instead of a 35 yr old. Their even more surprised at how young looking I am for my age. It surprises a lot of women because when they see how young looking I am and how old I really am. It shocks them because for a person to be 35 yrs old and looking years younger than their age. It makes them think whether I am taking something or is it Natural for me.

Though people are surprised when I tell them how old I really am and at times I have to show them proof my age. Cause sometimes people think I am lying about my age or they don’t believe it. I just look at it because some people are shocked by how young looking I am and how many things people have tried to look young no matter how old they are. It’s one of those things that will surprise people about me and it’s one of those things I learn to live with. Knowing that people are going to shocked at how old I am and how Young looking I really am.

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