When I realized I was a grown-up

When I turned 30 yrs old, that’s when I knew I was no longer a young adult. To me, 20 somethings are late teenagers in my book and true adulthood doesn’t start until you are in your 30’s. What i realized is that when you turn 30, you start to have a different outlook in things and that you start to build up the experience and wisdom of being a bit older. I think for me when I woke up on the day I turned 30, it was all over for me and that Real Adulthood started and that late teen phase died with it. Even for me, I still look at people from 21 to 29 as being late teenagers and not fully grown up and not fully matured. I see 20 somethings and someone who still has a lot to learn and not even ready or mature enough to take on the world by the horns.

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One thought on “When I realized I was a grown-up

  1. Hey – enjoyed your comments on adulthood. I agree, generally people don’t become adults until they are in their 30s. I went to a parenting seminar recently, and the speaker said the human brain doesn’t reach full maturity until 26 … mine was probably a little later than that!

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