Letting go is so hard

Letting go of all the things that held me back can be so hard
It’s so hard to go of all the pains I have suffered
All the trauma that has been inflicted on to me
All that harms that have been done to me.

It’s hard to let go of all the things that were done in the past
All the pains that were inflicted
All the things that were done, that you can never get back
All that I have suffered that I have lost

It’s very traumatic when you lost everything
including a sense of who you are.
It’s painful when you lose you childhood and all the things that come with it
Lost my innocence and robbed of a life I could and should have had.

Losing a sense of who you are and who you were is so hard
Knowing that what was done to you, you can never get it back
Painfully knowing that you carry the scars of what was done to you
As a painful reminder that your life is and never ever the same.

Living with the reminders of what has been done to you
Living with the scars of what medicine has done to my body
Living with the pains of being robbed of my childhood and innocence
It’s living with a sense that life for me will never ever be the same

Normalcy for me, is something that I’ll never ever have
Living with the reminders that will haunt me until the end of time
Living with the scars that will follow me
and it will always put a notch in my life.

Life is about letting go all the things that hold us down
but for me, all the scars and traumas I have, still haunt me
Haunt me where ever I go
and serve as a ghostly reminder of the pains I have suffered
The trauma that has been inflicted on me
What I have suffered at the expense of who I am and what I am