Lost Within

Within me is someone who lost everything
Someone who lost who they are
Who lost themselves within themselves
Lost everything they knew about themselves

Within me, is someone Who lost their Identity
Their sense of who they were
Lost where they came from
and lost their sense of connection

Deep within, is someone who their lost their innocence
Who lost their youthfulness
Who lost out on their childhood
and got robbed of all of life’s pleasures

Lost out on all the good things in life
Lost all those chances that I missed in life
even those opportunities that were their,
all gone and can’t even recover
Lost out on Life’s chances to make things better
where I could had it all, but now I can’t
Lost that chance to do something
to be someone in life
and to achieve something in life

Loss that chance to make something of myself
because stuff happens at the worse times
and robbed me of all the things I could have done with myself.
It robbed me of who I am and robbed me of all the chances in life

A loss of my youth was something I can never get back
Even with all the knocks that stack up against me to begin with
Is something that I will never ever get back
because I was born with all the knocks that stacked up against me

It’s a loss that will haunt me until the very end
A loss of all the hopes and dreams I had
A loss of all those things I should, could and would have
A loss like that is something no one should have to go through
And even a loss of who you are is something no one should have to suffer.