Intersex gender neutral on campus housing

Here’s something that I would like for everyone to ponder and think about. What do you all think about Intersex people being allowed to have gender neutral housing on college campuses. Even though Gender Neutral housing is only designed for LGBT people and that intersex people are excluded from Gender Neutral housing. I am wondering because at my University, they are allowing Gender Neutral housing for Gay, lesbian, Bisexual and transgender student. They are allowing transgender students to room with the gender they think they are and are allowing gay and lesbian students to room together.

Now as an Intersex person with an indeterminate gender and no biological gender to begin with, wouldn’t gender neutral housing be a perfect fit for me or any intersex person going to college. I think Gender neutral housing would be a fine fit for intersex people because intersex people have no biological gender to begin with and the vast majority of intersex people such as myself have an indeterminate gender.  Intersex people such as myself don’t fit with the male or female gender system because of what were born with and have no biological gender to begin with.

So I am wondering here, what do you all think of the idea of allowing intersex people who go to college have Gender Neutral housing and be allowed to room with whatever gender they most feel comfortable and safe with. Do any of you think intersex people should be included with Gender Neutral housing and what do you think if an intersex person were to room with a biological woman.

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