Barriers within me

In my life, there are way too many barriers for me
Too many walls for me to climb
Too many barriers that stand in my way
Too many obstacles for me to overcome
Frankly, there are way too many for me to overcome

My life is already complicated enough with the barriers in front of me
Some are so insurmountable
Some are so high and even so far that they put a notch within me
Some even make me challenge everything that I know and what I know
even complicate my existence as it is.

Some barriers in my life are so hard that they put a strain on me
They put undue stress and pressure within me
They wall me in in some places
Tie me down in other places
Even hold me back when I least expect it

There are so many barriers in my life that there are way too many to count
Too many that they put a notch into my existence
The barriers that I have come in all shapes and sizes
Such as being Sexually Assaulted, at a very young age
Being born deaf in one ear
To being born neither male or female.

My Barriers to me are like notches on a stick
Notches that show people what I have been through
What I have faced
What I conquered
and even challenged
Barriers to me even show what I have overcome and have in front of me

To me, I have barriers where ever I go
Obstacles that I have to face
Challenges that land squarely in front of me
Notches to show what I have done and been through in my life
and where ever I go, I will always have barriers to face

Life for me is tough enough with the barriers I have
Notches that scar me where ever I go
and those scars go so Deep and stay Deep
They leave a mark on me that act as a barrier
to who I am and what I am in my life.

2 thoughts on “Barriers within me

  1. I wrote that poem to show people my barriers in my life and to show how they scar me and act as if they are a notch on my life.

  2. Nicky, all I can say is that I understand. And I hope that doesn’t sound like something I’m just saying. I really do know what you are talking about, because I, too, have my own barriers. Just grab hold of hope and don’t let go.

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