Lack of Tank tops to wear

These past summers, I have been trying to wear Tank tops during the summer and when it’s hot, but wearing them at home creates issues around my family, especially with my mother.

Since summer, I have not been able to wear tank tops because my mother has issues with Men wearing tank tops. One of them is that, she thinks that Tank tops look ugly on Men and me.  My mother has this sexist view that men can’t wear Tank tops and that she believe that it looks ugly for me or any man to wear Tank tops. Even worse, my mother believes that only Women are allowed to wear tank tops and not Men. I just think my Mother has sexist and sexism issues about what Men wear.

It has made it hard for me to wear tank tops because of those sexist views and sexist opinions my mother has of me wearing tank tops. Since summer and all the previous summer, I had not been able to wear Tank tops and have been forced to wear short T shirts. I feel because of my mothers intolerance and sexist attitudes towards people who wear tank tops. The problem their is that My mother is not keeping up with the times and that she doesn’t understand that cultures are different and times change.

As a result, it has made me feel self conscious about myself and has not made me feel confident about myself. It makes me feel  less confident about what I wear, because my mother has sexist opinions about what I wear and quite frankly has not kept up with the times. Even when I try to have a nice tank top on, my mother thinks it looks ugly on me and thinks that only women can wear tank tops and not men.

The only thing I can do is not wear tank tops in front of my mother and wear it when she’s not around. Maybe I can wear it when I am on my own and in my own place. For now, I’ll just wear it when I can and can’t.