Summer’s winding down

Summer’s over for me and now I have to look forward to another academic year at Southern Connecticut State University. I know I have an agenda to keep and I have things that I must do. Some of them include getting my GPA up to Par. Finishing my third Poetry book and trying to find ways to keep my EMT skills sharp and up to par. Even if I have time, to maybe to find some time for campus social and campus activity scene to make new friends as well.

In terms of Academics, I have to work my ass off to keep my GPA and that means, I have to hustle my butt to keep up my GPA and stay on top of all my classes.  That means I can’t slack off and I can’t relax. I have to work hard for my GPA and work hard to keep up some good standings with the school as well.

As far as trying get involve on campus, I still have a hard time trying to get involve on campus and like last year where I got burned for trying.  It made me feel like why in the hell would I want to join an on campus club or group when I wasn’t welcomed or felt welcomed. So for me, it’s going to be an Iffy for me if I want to get involve on campus and I’ll at least play it by ear and see if they are inclusive and welcoming. If not, I’m going to avoid the campus clubs like the plague and do things on my own and possibly away from campus.

As far as for my Poetry book is concerned, I plan to have that finished by the middle of Fall semester sometime before Thanksgiving break. By then, that will be a third poetry book that I have written. From their, I may decide to take a break or work on a fourth book which could be a short story series or a novel.  I will be publishing it from the same publisher as my third book.  As far as writing poetry, I have written as often as I can and when ever I am in the writing mood.

As far as maintaining my EMT skills, from my Last State exam I had to take. It took my 3 times to pass the written and  showed how severely I am lacking in my EMS skills. That means for me I have to find ways in keeping my EMT Skills Sharp and on par with every other EMT. So I have to find ways to keep my EMT going and find a place where I can keep my skills current. On top of that I am looking at advancing from being an EMT to an EMT-Intermediate. That would mean I would be able to do ACLS care and IV lines. It would mean I would have to devout some time to keep my EMT Card.

So as you can see, I have a lot on my plate for the fall semester and I have a lot to do and manage. It’s going to take a lot out of me and something I have to stay on top of as well. I have a lot to do in the fall semester and I have a lot to do as well.