In the Eye of Hurricane Irene, a live blogging

A cropped image of Hurricane Irene making land...
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Out of all my life I had to deal with one Hurricane in 1985 and that was Hurricane Gloria and at that time I was 9 yrs old when that happened. Now this will be the second Hurricane I have to face down and it’s Hurricane Irene that is right now aiming right at Connecticut. I live in a state where Hurricanes happen and it’s right now prime season for Hurricanes.

I survived Hurricanes and know what it as like to go though them. They are not that bad and from what I have been told, Hurricane Irene will be like Hurricane Gloria, but twice as strong as Hurricane Gloria. During Hurricane Gloria, i was without power for a week and schools were canceled for one week. It even made it hard to get food and the roads were impassable at the time. Hurricane Gloria did flooded the shoreline communities and made a huge mess. One thing I had at the time, I was leaving school sick with the stomach bug when Hurricane Gloria hit Connecticut.

Now with Hurricane Irene aiming for Connecticut, this one put a kink into my schedule to move on campus and delaying the start of the fall semester. So I am now stuck at home waiting for Hurricane Irene to pass over and maybe move back on campus when this Hurricane is over. With any disaster, I had to check in with my US Coast Guard Auxiliary unit and give them status updates as to where I am, my situation and my location. That is because after the storm, I maybe called up by the US Coast Guard to help out.

So the only thing I am left to do is hunker down the house. Making sure nothing becomes a missile during the storm. Making sure we have supplies and food available. Even making sure that we have lighting as well because we maybe without electricity and the internet for a bit. Though I’m a New Englander, I am use to this kind of situation and I take it in stride. Hurricanes are fact of life for New England people and this is something we get use to.

So I will be live streaming  on Saturday as Hurricane Irene approaches Connecticut and I’ll let you all know via Facebook and twitter as well.