After Hurricane Irene

Flooding in Florida due to Hurricane Irene in ...
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Folks, I survived hurricane Irene and I am okay. I have no power in Central Connecticut and I have no Internet where I live because of the storm. The state is without power and most places are flooded. Even their are trees down and most people are running on portable generators.

One thing I learned from this Hurricane is that you can never be too prepared and my family was under prepared for Hurricane Irene. A couple of things we were lacking, is a portable battery operated radio, a generator and Candles. Even food, my folks should have gotten canned food and even MRE as emergency food. Either me or my folks should have gotten a wind-up radio as an emergency Radio and that is something I am going to look at getting for myself or my Family.

So overall, I survived Hurricane Irene and I am waiting for power to be restored in my house and neighborhood. I hope to start college this week and I hope to be in class soon, though because of Hurricane Irene, I am waiting to see what happens. They said they are out of power and working to restore power. For now, I am just waiting and cleaning up from the Hurricane.