Another year on campus

Just another year st college and this time, I’m just gona try and coast by without ever trying to get involve on campus. After what happened last year, I’m just gona avoid campus community involvement and stay solo. I’m doing that because I have issues with being around people and being around with people who are young than I am. So for me, I’m just gona stick with going to college classes and work. Their maybe little to no time for me to be involve on campus and I’m just gona focus on studying and trying to get my college degree so I can get out and move on with my life.

Right now for me, I just settled into my townhouse and trying to get organized and making sure i settle down into a routine. I am gona focus on studying and trying to stay busy. I know my new roommates are pushing for me to be social on campus, but because of my fears, issues and problems, I’m just gona avoid them and stay far, far away from them. Even the way I see college for me, I’m just gona wind up being an anonymous hidden student that no one knows. Just coasting by with no involvement on campus.

So for me clubs and campus social life are something I am going to avoid and stay far away from. I’m just gona stick to myself and work on my book and work on keeping up with my classes. As for today, It went well and I am working on getting to know my classes and getting my books in order. As for what I am doing this fall, it’s pretty much up in the air and I know I have a book to publish as well.